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Mobile Drilling Rig

  • Product Name: Truck-mounted Drilling Rig
  • Issue Time: 2012-8-9 2:34:58
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Truck-mounted Drilling Rig


The truck-mounted drilling rig is designed and manufactured in accordance with standards such as API Spec Q1, 4F, 7K, 8C and RP500 etc.

The truck-mounted drilling rig mainly consists the following equipments: power system, transmission system, lifting system, rotating system, control system, mast and drilling floor (substructure), auxiliary equipment, etc.

The power system is mainly composed of the following: chassis, engine, transmission, etc. The transmission system is mainly composed of the following: transmission gearbox, transmission shaft, chain, etc. The lifting system is mainly composed of the following: drilling drawworks, wire rope, crown block, hook block, etc. The lifting system is mainly composed of the following: swivel, rotary table, etc.


* The power system, transmission system, control system, traveling system, and diesel engine, gearbox, drawworks, mast and hydraulic winch are all mounted on the main carrier, which saves space and makes it fast to move the rig.

* The main carrier vehicle adopts self-propelled chassis. The chassis and the drilling equipments are driven by mounted diesel engine. It has reasonable chassis load distribution, excellent off-road ability and mobility.

* Caterpillar engine and Allison hydraulic transmission. The Allison hydraulic transmission gearbox driven by one or two Caterpillar diesel engines provides reliable transmission and has longer service life.

* Double-drum drawworks. The main brake of the drawworks is either band type or hydraulic disc type. The auxiliary brake is pneumatic water-cooled disc type or hydromatic type.

* The mast, which is front-open and two-section type telescoping structure, can be erected or lowered and telescoped hydraulically.

* The drill floor is folded type or parallelogram structure, which is convenient to be lifted and carried.

* Developed and reliable chain transmission for rotary table and drawworks make it easy to maintain. The rotary table transmission gearbox can realize forward and reverse gears to adapt various drilling operations.

Technical Specifications

The product models of the truck-mounted drilling rig are as the follows: ZJ10/900CZ, ZJ15/1350CZ, ZJ20/1580CZ, ZJ30/1800CZ, ZJ40/2250CZ, etc.

Technical Specification of Truck-mounted Drilling Rig

Truck-mounted Drilling Rig

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